Montessori Perspectives on Technology

I have never been trained in the Montessori method, but it has caught my attention from time to time.  Therefore, I have done a little research to see what their perspective on technology is.

According to Montessori in the 21st Century  advances in technology are shifting our culture towards methodologies which form the foundations of the Montessori method.  Below I have pasted a table, from their website, describing this shift:

Industrial Age Information Age
• Book as tool • Technologies as tool
• Age-specific grade levels • Community of learners
• Covering the content • Covering learners’ needs
• “Just in case” learning • “Just in time” learning
• Norm-referenced tests • Performance-based assessment
• Classroom as world • World as classroom
• Rote memorization • Problem solving
• Competition with classmates • Collaboration with classmates
• Speaker centered • Student centered
• Teacher as dispenser of knowledge • Teacher as coach

The Monroe County School District has published a 2003-2004 technology plan with the following quotes and highlights:

Montessori learning environments emphasize following the child, to regard her/him as an investigator, one who seeks knowledge in order to satiate an intrinsic desire…The use of technology and technology tools in our Montessori classrooms extend the scope of student learning for exceptional students, and enhance the curriculum for our special needs students; all students benefit from having computer workstations in the classrooms 

Each student at the Montessori Elementary Charter School will demonstrate personal
academic growth through experience in a nurturing environment, and will continue to
develop the qualities of self-discipline, self-confidence, cooperation and responsibility.

They use the NETS framework to define their objectives.  Sine the release of their technology plan the NETS framework was updated in 2007.


About voyagingmind

My name is David Gammill and I've had a long interest in technology. Currently looking for an elementary school technology position.
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One Response to Montessori Perspectives on Technology

  1. ktenkely says:

    Many of the Montessori methodologies overlap what I view as 21st century learning. There is a very student centered approach to learning where the focus is on the learning and process not collecting data and facts to later dispense on a test.

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