iPad #2

I’m on an iPod kick recently.  I watched the presentation today for the new iPhone 4 and was duly impressed!

Anyway, I found a great site from Tony Vincent who’s been using hand helds in the classroom for several years.  He has some good observations on the iPad.  This post is a followup of my previous iPad post that only talked about the advantages of the iPad.  These aren’t problems, but thinks to keep in mind.

  • Web filtering can be done with OpenDNS for free.
  • Some school Wi-Fi networks aren’t working with the iPad.
  • There isn’t an easy way to project the iPad’s display.
  • It doesn’t print out of the box.  There is an app for this, but it’s not as easy as it should be.
  • No flash.
  • Students can download apps by first signing out the school’s login name and then signing with their own account.  This means it can’t be locked down.

I’ve very interested to see where the iPad leads us.  Some have hailed it as the desk of the future!


About voyagingmind

My name is David Gammill and I've had a long interest in technology. Currently looking for an elementary school technology position.
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One Response to iPad #2

  1. ktenkely says:

    I am currently looking at a 1 to 1 iPad program for the school I work with. I have found several great apps that help answer some of these questions. Web Filtering can be done using an app called MobiCip, this was designed for individual use (not schools) but I think it could be easily inserted into the classroom. I have been extremely impressed with the apps abilities and tracking of filtering.
    Browse Cloud is a good temporary solution for no flash. This is an application that allows you to view a flash site on the iPod/iPad/iPhone device.

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